What you are under the stars

by Daniel Hofmann

Right now I'm sitting in a little room in my guesthouse in Jaisalmer. It has no windows and my neighbors are way too loud. It’s the direct opposite to my experience of the last four days. During daytime I had clear deep blue sky over me and four big camel feet under me and what I never going to forget is the pitch black sky at night in total serenity. In my whole live I didn’t see a sky like this. Probably many tourist – and right now I’m one of them – are searching for this experience and I hope they find it. I also hope that they don’t leave so much trash behind because I’ve seen a lot.

As always I loved every minute I spent with the people in the villages. It’s a hard and simple life they live and different from the normal German routine. What I have to point out: It’s not better or worse. It’s just different!

For everyone who wants to hear some desert music from my camel guide Kalu. Here you go: