by Daniel Hofmann

My last week in India I spent in Calcutta (or Kolkata; I can never decide how to call it). I had a great time there because of so many reasons. I chatted with amazing people, wandered through exciting streets and drank a lot of fresh orange juice. I miss the fresh and cheap orange juice so much!

Calcutta is a city with a soul. The first time I saw all the old cabs lined up in front of the airport, I knew I was gonna love it there. I never payed so much for a room during my whole time in India 'expensive' is relative in India anyway but it was worth the extra money. Getting up in the early morning to wander through the market areas, seeing the sun rise while the merchants set up their shop or prepare food never lost its magic to me.

I had the pleasure to meet Soumya Shankar Ghosal during my stay. He's an amazing person and equally great photographer, who was kind enough to show me around his town. Because of him, I got to take pictures in one of the biggest fruit markets of India; walked through a street where they only sold school books; and ate chinese delicacies that were only sold in one specific street, at one particular day of the week, at a particular time in the early morning. Thanks to Soumya, I saw and learned things I probably would have missed on my own.