Be prepared!

by Daniel Hofmann

Always be prepared! Let’s start with that short sentence for this short post. On my way back from Nepal to India I thought everything was ready to go. Wrong — so wrong. As I was on the plane with a gorgeous view on the Himalaya, I took my camera out of the bag and switched it on. I got no response from my little Canon. I think the passenger on the seat next to me could see the horror on my face when I crammed through my camera bag for a spare battery. I already knew that the only new energy was in my bag in the baggage compartment above us, but during take off, passengers are supposed to stay put. So I looked at the glowing seat belt sign in agony. I had to take a picture though, so I used my mobile phone instead. As they say: the best camera is the one you have with you. However, I wasn’t too pleased with that option. Lucky for me, a crew member came to my rescue and handed me my second bag with the batteries in it. From that moment on I was a happy camper, even though I’d already missed a few shots.

So please, whatever you do, check you gear or keep a spare battery nearby when you travel. I’m not going to make this mistake again — hopefully.