my name is Daniel Hofmann and I'm a photojournalist and travel photographer from Germany. There are some things that grab your attention for a while and then let go of you. For me photography was not such a thing.

I've started working as a photographer in Jena, where I studied political science. Every picture I take is part of my story, but more importantly I'm invested in the stories of the people I take pictures of. It's the reason why I worked for a humanitarian organization in India as a teacher and photographer and it's why I moved to Hamburg to combine my passion with my work.  

Since then I've worked as an photographic assistant for the Orendt Studios and in this context with photographers like Andrea Rüster, Frederik Büttgen or Burkhard Henrichs. I also published photographic works in Zeit and the magazine Camera.


instagram: danielhofmannphoto

DE: +49 162 271 9268